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Offering a full spectrum of Outpatient Therapy including Group, Family, and Individual Psychotherapy, Intensive Outpatient Therapy for Substance Abuse, Pharmacotherapy, Outpatient and Individual Counseling services for both Adults and Adolescents.

Joint Commission (JCAHO) Gold Seal Fair Lawn, NJ

Licensed by the NJ Dept. Mental Health, Office of Alcohol & Mental Health Services. Winner of the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Quality.

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Bergen Healthcare Alliance - Substance Abuse Treatment

There is now a "Bergen Healthcare Alliance, and The Counseling Center at Fair Lawn has taken on the responsibility of representing Alcohol and Substance Abuse Outpatient treatment for the Bergen County/ Northern New Jersey region.

Marc Wurgaft, Clinical Director of The Counseling Center at Fair Lawn, has accepted an invitation to join the newly organized Bergen Healthcare Alliance (BHA). Mr. Wurgraft will occupy the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Outpatient Seat. Membership in the Alliance is by invitation only.

As director of The Counseling Center, which offers Intensive Outpatient Therapy, Outpatient and Individual Counseling services for both Adults and Adolescents,  Mr. Wurgraft is particularly well suited to fill this position on the Alliance. The Counseling Center is dedicated to helping Fair Lawn residents who are dealing with problems relating to drug and alcohol dependence regain their quality of life through a set of individually configured intensive programs that allow the client to receive the care and support they need while still living in their home community, carrying on with their lives.

The mission of the Bergen Healthcare Alliance is to enhance the standard of healthcare in the community through networking among like-minded professionals. They will establish and maintain a local forum for idea exchange in a roundtable format that will foster knowledge sharing and mutual-mentoring focused on improving holistic well-being and the quality of patient care for members of the Bergen County Community.

The next BHA meeting will be held on April 16, 2015. The meeting focus will be on the impact of the Affordable Care Act on the medical profession and consumers. There will be a presentation, followed by a discussion period, featuring Susan Null and Robert Berman of Systemedic, Inc., a patient advocacy company based in New York City.

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The Counseling Center at Fair Lawn is an outpatient treatment center for adults and adolescents. The Counseling Center is licensed by the State of New Jersey to provide a full spectrum of mental health and addiction services, for dual diagnosis, addiction, and co-occurring disorders associated with substance abuse.

Clinical mental health assessments, psychiatric evaluations, and individual, family and group psychotherapy are available for Adults & adolescents age 15 and older. Pharmacotherapy is available as appropriate.

Substance abuse treatment services include assessments, urine drug screening (UDS), psychiatric evaluations, adult Intensive Outpatient (IOP) groups, outpatient counseling, and adolescent individual & family counseling, as well as clinically appropriate pharmacotherapy.

Eligibility for all programs is based on a clinical assessment. Now offering Saturday assessments!

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